Pick a Seat Any Seat…Just Not Next to Me

So granted it is probably fairly obvious by now that I have a certain disdain for most humans. Which is why I find it overtly irritating when these  fools think its cool to come and sit with me. Straight up I don’t care if your Ray Allen and I can pick your brain about what’s about to happen in your career. Go find … Continue reading

Car Alarms…Give It Up Already

Car Alarms….Of all the things I rant about these are definitely the most annoying, irritating, worthless invention of all time. The annoying noise is thought to be invented in 1920 by a man in Nebraska, who to this day remains nameless. Personally I don’t blame the dude, after all who would want to be credited with inventing one … Continue reading

The Angry Frenchman

In order to make myself feel better about hating everyone and everything, I decided to go on a hunt for other angry members of society. To my satisfaction I found the perfect person to interview; a Mr. Louis Boucher. “Basically he’s like a French Albert Einstein in a Lance Armstrong body”. According to Katherine Chloé Cahoon, author of … Continue reading

Ranting Loves Company

To prove I’m not the only person in the world that loves me a good rant, I have complied a list of 3 celebrity comedians who are known for their own personal rantings and ravings. These 3 celebs became famous by calling out people on their BS while at the same time highlighting the reason this … Continue reading

Kids Fly Elsewhere

I have the next revolutionary business idea! An airline that has ADULT ONLY flights. I am actually a little surprised a company with a name like Virgin doesn’t do this already. I would truthfully pay a premium to take a flight that had no children allowed, especially if it is a flight such as London to New … Continue reading

Olympics: Stay Out My Way

In approximately 49 days the 2012 Olympics will descend upon London and reek havoc on all inhabitants. Now don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of the Olympics. Truthfully when I first moved here I thought it be stellar to be in the same city as the games. After all the chances of you living in the same city … Continue reading

Put an End to Picking

Sometimes I look around this lovely world of ours and notice a surplus of people who like to pretend they are invisible. Sorry to be the one who burst your bubble folks, the truth is you are NOT Harry Potter and you DO NOT have an invisibility cloak. But my absolute hands down favorite all time … Continue reading

Shoes Should Be Worn

I joined a new gym recently. Nothing special just your average ole fashion gym. You know treadmills, ellipticals, weights, bikes, and so on. Now I’m no expert on the whole workout situation I am far from a personal trainer or anything along those lines. I go do some cardio and whatever else feel like and … Continue reading

Welcome to 2012 England!

When I first moved to London 9 months ago it’s safe to say I noticed many differences about the UK from the US. French Fries are now chips and thank you is now cheers, these are the sort of things I can use to. However there is one gleaming difference I have seen that is … Continue reading

It’s Just Bread

 Toast…I HATE toast. Now let me clarify this. It is not the word toast   that bothers me. Rather it is the transformation of bread into this new   magically breakfast food. IT’S JUST BREAD! There are hundreds of foods that can be placed into a toaster all of which come out with the same name. If you … Continue reading