It’s Just Bread

 Toast…I HATE toast. Now let me clarify this. It is not the word toast   that bothers me. Rather it is the transformation of bread into this new   magically breakfast food. IT’S JUST BREAD! There are hundreds of foods that can be placed into a toaster all of which come out with the same name. If you were to put a bagel, a pop-tart, or a waffle in the  toaster they all come out with the same name they went in with. So can someone out there please explain to me why bread gets transformed into toast? It is not a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly ladies and gentleman, it’s just a lowly piece of bread! For those who didn’t know there is no magically event happening down in those little slots after you push the button.

Look I have no issue with toast when it is used to defined “a group of people raising their glasses in honor of a person or thing”. By all means raise your glasses toast away! Toast at weddings, toast at Christmas, toast to good health. In fact I love it so much  here are some drinking toast ideas for you.

But PLEASEEEEEEEEEE I beg of thee stop taking a piece a lame old white bread, placing it into a toaster until it is so dry it needs loads of butter and jelly just to make it bearably, and then pretending it has been transformed into to something new and special.

It’s just bread people…NOW DEAL WITH IT!


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