No, Your Kid’s Not Cute

I get that we need people to procreate in order for this world of ours to continue. I also understand people LOVE their children. All of that is fine with me. However what is not fine is the lack of child discipline in today’s society. I think it is time people understand that just because they love their kids does not mean everyone loves them. Honestly I am a big fan of the unwritten rule that child should be seen and not heard. Personally there is nothing more annoying or frustrating then being forced to listen to a perfect stranger’s kid cry and scream as the parent stands idly by ignoring it. Now just to be clear I am not talking about new born babies here I understand babies cry. I am referring to toddlers; if they can walk then let’s start employing some manners.

Every time I turn around I feel like there is another temper tantrum of a 5 year old about to start. From the bus to the food store they are everywhere and right next to them is a parent pretending not to hear the screeching. Is there some DNA metamorphosis that happens when you have a child? Do you pop out a baby and suddenly lose your ability to hear? I will never understand how ignoring the child is the answer. Either shut the little thing up or get it away from me. Seriously what makes these people think that a bus full of people want to be stuck in small metal enclosed space with their severely annoying little bundle of joy.Just a little tip for all you Mom’s out there: THE REST OF US DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!

While honestly there is no place I really want to listen to a child’s fit. But the worst, and I am absolutely pinnacle of horribleness, is parents who bring their kids out to eat and then pretend that the restaurant is their new personal playground. I don’t think there is a person in the world who wants to pay good money to go out to eat to be sat at a table next to an annoying little brat who is louder than the finale of the NYC 4th of July fireworks. My all-time personal favorite though is the parents who will physically take their child out of the high chair and let them run around like a chick with their head cut off. Then no fail every time I am forced to deal with the unpleasantness of the tiny monster coming up to my table to smile and pretend he is the cuter than pictures of tiny puppies on Pinterest. In the middle of my dinner the last thing I want is some filthy kid, covered in more food than he actually got in his mouth, coming up to my table thinking he is all adorable just because he smiles at me. ‘Cause guess what Mommy and Daddy: HE’S NOT!

Look I totally get that some people absolutely love kids, but I think it’s about time people understand it is not social acceptable to allow your child to run amuck whenever and wherever they like. Please stop making my commute more frustrating than it already is, stop ruining my dinners, and stop acting like I’m supposed to be sympathetic.

Discipline people…learn it, use it, love it!


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