Shoes Should Be Worn

I joined a new gym recently. Nothing special just your average ole fashion gym. You know treadmills, ellipticals, weights, bikes, and so on. Now I’m no expert on the whole workout situation I am far from a personal trainer or anything along those lines. I go do some cardio and whatever else feel like and head home. So I am probably one of the last people to ask for workout advice from, however there is one thing I am sure of: SHOES SHOULD BE WORN while working out. But lately I have seen an influx of people who literally work out at the gym barefoot. It honestly baffles me, its not like shoes are a new invention. Its just a pair of shoes people! Seriously it’s a fairly simple thing, I mean it’s not like trying to figure out how the new Xbox SmartGlass will work.

Little friendly advice for all you “no shoe” fans out there. There is this thing called foot fungus which is highly contagious. Is it just that people don’t care about these things? Or is it that they are straight up dumb? Because for me having an itchy flakey rash on my foot does not sound like a fun time. Honestly though it’s not just the fungus thing that confuses me. There are also tons of guys who have no shoes and then proceed to go lift weights. Granted having shoes on your feet won’t save your toes if you are to drop a 50lb weight on your foot. But it’s the principle of it all.

I personally don’t give a crap what you want to wear on your feet. All I ask is that you wear something, anything.


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