Olympics: Stay Out My Way

In approximately 49 days the 2012 Olympics will descend upon London and reek havoc on all inhabitants. Now don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of the Olympics. Truthfully when I first moved here I thought it be stellar to be in the same city as the games. After all the chances of you living in the same city as the games is a once in a lifetime experience. However the crowds over this past weekend in London, thanks to the Diamond Jubilee, brought me to a sad realization. It is going to be MISERABLE here.

Worst of all the Underground will be a nightmare and they have already predicted several Tube disruptions.  As I said I enjoy the Olympics, but that is from the comfort of my couch where they do not effect my everyday life. Regardless this city is going to be ridiculously over crowded and most likely full of people who will inspire blog posts, which is something I very much am not looking forward to.

I understand that this little shindig is huge deal. But seriously people your need to go home and brag to your friends, in order to make them insanely jealous of how awesome your life is compared to their’s (hey Narcissus you might want to seek some help with that),  is going to interfere with my simple life. I just want to be able to wake up, get on the tube, and get to school. But it seems the  London has other plans for me…NOT COOL GUYS!

How about we make a deal my fellow inhabitants of the world. You stay out of my way from 27 July – 9 September (which is the expected interference period due to the Olympics) and I solemnly swear to not make you my next topic.

Oh yea, and Go Team USA! (PS athletes you are not excluded from this.)


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