Kids Fly Elsewhere

I have the next revolutionary business idea! An airline that has ADULT ONLY flights. I am actually a little surprised a company with a name like Virgin doesn’t do this already. I would truthfully pay a premium to take a flight that had no children allowed, especially if it is a flight such as London to New York, which is approximately a whopping 8 hours. Think about how relaxing it would be to fly kid free. I mean seriously is there anything that drives a knife into your heart as much as getting on international flight and coming to the realization that in the seat right next to you is a 4 year old child. Granted it is no secret I have an animosity toward screaming little brats (for those who did know those check out  No, Your Kids Not Cute.)

On a flight recently I was in front of a child, no more than 5, and I’m not joking when I say he was the most annoying and obnoxious kid I have ever come in contact with in my life. The entire flight he didn’t shut up for one second, asking his mother question after question, meanwhile kicking my seat. Granted it’s not totally the kids fault clearly he has an inept mother who has no respect for humanity. That or, she is on a massive amount of painkillers to numb the pain of knowing she brought that “thing” into the world.  Now I would never in a million years under any circumstance advocate violence against a child, regardless of  how annoying or awful they are. But, I kid you not, when I say at that very moment, sitting on that plane, in front of that child I totally understood Creflo Dollar.

I believe we’ve all been in that situation. Trapped on a plane, child running up and down the aisle, parents not caring at all. Or how about a child screaming and crying because they’re hungry or tried or whatever the heck else children do. Why should everyone always have to suffer just because some people decide they want to bring that little pooping crying pile of misery into their own lives.

Honestly I know I’m not alone on this one. Personally speaking I would pay extra money for a flight if I knew for certain I wouldn’t have to deal with children. There are adult only resorts and people love those, right? So why not have adult only planes to help you reach your adult only resort?

I think this is a billion dollar idea people and I am willing to share the glory with a business partner. I will do the market research, promote it, and run the whole show! All I need is a financial backer to buy me some planes and hire me some pilots. Maybe I should look into taking this gem to the Shark Tank.


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