Ranting Loves Company

To prove I’m not the only person in the world that loves me a good rant, I have complied a list of 3 celebrity comedians who are known for their own personal rantings and ravings. These 3 celebs became famous by calling out people on their BS while at the same time highlighting the reason this world is doomed. Their anger has brought them places, and for that  I applaud them.

Ranting: @denisleary 

Maybe its the five times he has been nominated for an Emmy and lost. Or perhaps he just angry and hates people. Either way its pretty apparent Denis Leary is good for rant on morons. Which makes sense seeing he is the author of Why We Suck – A Feel Good Guide To Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy And Stupid (2008). It’s nice to know that through all that anger and aggression there is a philanthropic side. Seriously my gratitude goes to Mr.Leary for trying to help people suck less, this is truly selfless act.

Ranting-er: @DennisDMZ

Dennis Miller hosted his own show on HBO until 2002. Dennis Miller Live became an outlet for him to share his thoughts and opinions on popular culture and politics. He proved rather quickly he has a opinion and he doesn’t give a crap if you agree with him or not. Miller is also the author of four books in regards to his stand-up comedy and television monologues: The Rants (1996), Ranting Again (1999), I Rant, Therefore I Am (2000), and The Rant Zone (2001). There’s no debate about this one, it’s safe to say this guy is a fellow ranter.

Ranting-est: @TheLewisBlack

Lewis Black is probably one of the most well known ranters and ravers of all time. An actor, writer, and comedian who never fails to bring his signature anger and rage with him. Probably best known for he work on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. He gives a tirade on cultural relevant topics and gets so angry he would leave the audience with the impression that he was about to have a stroke. My hat goes off to you Mr. Black, kudos on you on making a successful career out of telling people exactly why they piss you off.


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