Car Alarms…Give It Up Already

Car Alarms….Of all the things I rant about these are definitely the most annoying, irritating, worthless invention of all time. The annoying noise is thought to be invented in 1920 by a man in Nebraska, who to this day remains nameless. Personally I don’t blame the dude, after all who would want to be credited with inventing one of the most useless piles of crap in the world? If you think I’m wrong about this one then here’s a little bit of knowledge for you, according to to a poll in The Telegraph from 2010 the car alarm was voted the most irritating invention of all time.

Let’s all be honest people when in your life have you heard a car alarm go off and thought to yourself “Man, I better call the cops that cars being stolen!”. I am going to go out a limb here and say, with 100% positiveness, that this has never once been a thought for you. Instead the thought process goes more like this “TURN OFF YOUR ****ING ALARM!” or even something much more vulgar. Seriously folks no one flinches at the sound of the car alarm. These annoying little sirens have become a common noise we all have come to accept in our everyday lives…unfortunately.

But overall the BEST part of these babies is their favorite time to start screeching and making noise is typically around  the same time you head hits the pillow at night. Obviously it happens much more often in a city, we all can agree upon this. So therefore as the alarm screams off for, oh I don’t know a good five to ten minutes, it never gets shut. Because everyone plays the “oh its not MY car game” or they have parked so far from their home they can’t even hear it. I think the only person in the world who has fun with the car alarms in the middle of the night is Dane Cook.

What I don’t get though is if everyone knows these things are useless, and nobody cares about them…then why are car companies continuing to install them. I mean its 2012 here people, how has NOTHING better been thought of by now?


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