Friendly Advice

Ok so since I complain about all the things that bother me it only seems right to also give suggestions about how to better the situation. After all what good does all the ranting do if I give no advice on how to fix the issue. Right?

First up, if you read my posts you know I cannot stand misbehaved kids. So here’s a seminar that can help (well if you happen to be in Australia) :

Children Behavior Seminar

When:  Tuesday 7 August 2012

Where:  Eastbank Centre, Welsford St, Shepparton 

Here is a great option for UK parents, they host seminars all over so take a look:

Warwickshire Direct

Phone: 01926 743062

Also I am a proud support of window screens. While there are no classes for this, as the carpenter should of put the screen in when your home was built, here is a quick how to video that can help:

How to install a window screen


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